Sunday, June 4, 2017

Five Months

Adeline, life was busy leading up to five months. We have been packing like crazy for our move- and guess what? You hate the sound of the tape gun like no other sound. I have to take the boxes in another room to tape them and often you still hear it and cry. You also took your first big fall- a tumble off the changing table. This led to six hours of observation at the doctors office, which made for a long day but thankfully you were just fine.

You checked into five months weighing 17 pounds! 

This month you watched your first parade (the Hyattsville Anniversary Parade), we celebrated your sister's 6th birthday, and while you can't sit up on your own you can now sit up in the grocery cart! You love chattering at all the people and looking at everything in the store. 

You are getting much much more coordinated with your hands, you reach and grab anything you try for and you are starting to really enjoy toys. You still love soft things the best, but Hammy bought you a Sophie the giraffe which you have determined is perfect for chewing.  

You haven't cut any teeth yet- and I am in no rush for you to get anything, but we can tell you are working on growing them because you chew on EVERYTHING and you are drooling up a storm. 

You have become a little less clingy to me, you reach for adults we see often asking them to hold you, and you give them all of your smiles and giggles. 

In addition to people and toys- you love cats. You have discovered how to reach out and "pet" them. The cats for the most part are giving your reaching hands a little more distance, but ninja still likes to sleep touching you, Tula still sits on you often and Sam and Earl are pretty good about you petting them, so you still have lots of cats to love. You also love watching videos of rescue kittens on Instagram.  

Right now you are still fighting a bottle and won't drink thawed frozen breast-milk- I put a lot of work into making all that frozen milk for you and I have to start working more soon so hopefully that all straightens out before next month! 

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