Friday, September 22, 2017

Sitting in the grass

I have two favorite seasons, spring and fall. I prefer light layers to shorts and tank tops, or winter coats and scarfs. August, not a month I normally love, was particularly kind to us this year and had some wonderful cool days. 

The cool weather, and the light breeze, made for picturesque afternoons sitting in the yard- and learning that Adeline likes to eat grass (if you let her) 

I love being the mother of a baby. Their complaints are easy to resolve, and there is magic in watching them discover the world around them. 

Of course, that doesn't mean I don't love being Cordelia's mom, its just so much harder- I often feel like I am failing by the end of each day. Every day Cordelia's concerns seem to get more complex, more grown up.

If only the concerns of children stayed simple, if only we could always be content playing in the grass. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The First Day of First Grade

It is safe to say that Cordelia was more scared to start first grade than she was to start Kindergarten. Kindergarten she was thrilled for and annoyed that we hadn't left her side yet when we walked her to her classroom. 

However, leading up to the first day of first grade were days of tears, indecision about what to wear, and a couple instances of flat out refusal to go at all. Nothing could convince her that her new school wouldn't be terrible. 

To top it all off this would also be her first time riding a bus to school. I desperately told Brendon I needed him to go into work late just in case she refused to get on the bus. 

Brendon had the wonderful idea to make her a bravery necklace- so she could hold onto it whenever she was feeling unsure at school. When it came time to hop on the bus she gave my hand one last squeeze, charged forward, and didn't look back. 

I felt kind of lost all day as I wondered how she was doing. But at the end of the day she skipped down the bus stairs, yanked off her necklace, and said "Mama I don't need this anymore". 

And every day of first grade has gone that amazingly. Thank goodness. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A once in a lifetime event

One of the things that used to frustrate me about blogging was the delay- It seemed that all of these wonderful mommy bloggers had their posts up the day something happened! However, I think I have come to terms with the fact that as long as my pictures and stories make it to the blog eventually, I'm ok with it. This blog post I actually almost had finished and my computer restarted and deleted it! So to start again- This picture above, is not a cool filter, it is, in fact, the humidity of the south. 

As you might have heard, the United States had the opportunity to witness a once in a lifetime event- a total solar eclipse, with the path of totality stretching from Lincoln Beach, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina. Originally I figured we wouldn't make a big deal out of it we thought about it because my best friend lives a long the path of totality, but I honestly couldn't fathom what witnessing an eclipse would be like (having never seen one before) and I didn't see much of a reason to spend hours in the car driving to a spot in the path of totality to see something I couldn't fathom. 

Except, as I was sitting through my Uncle's Funeral, one of his friends said something that resonated with me. He said "go see your friends, spend time with people, because often times a lifetime isn't as long as you think". Hearing that changed my mind in an instant, and I walked out of there planning car activities for the girls and making a grocery list of enough car snacks to keep us fed in case the drive took us four times as long as it should have. 

It was a very, very long car ride, but we made it, and I was so happy to visit with my best friend, and to give our girls the opportunity to play together. Through a series of events, some sad, and some lucky, we have gotten to see each other an incredible about of time this year despite living with several states between us.   

On Eclipse day we sat out in the drizzle with our fancy special glasses and were able to watch in awe as the moon started to cover the sun, but we were slightly disappointed to loose totality to clouds. 

That disappointment didn't overshadow just how cool it was to watch the world go dark as night in the middle of the day, and to hear the night bugs come out, and watch the birds fly home, or how much fun it was to be with friends. 

Although it did make this little girl a tad cranky. 

I'm hoping Cordelia remembers this trip, but I figured at least the girls will be able to look at these pictures and be told about the one time they were driven ten hours to sit in the front yard of Mama's best friend's house wearing coordinating outfits! 

It was fun to make a mini eclipse collection, much more fun than making them all the same dress I think. I used some beautiful Rae Ritchie moon phases fabric that I have been hording in my stash, along with a blue and grey galaxy print fabric, and a silver polka dot print from Joanns. The white trim on the little girl's outfits is vintage, and Cordelia's is ball fringe- it made me think of moons!  

I am grateful that this sweet family could host us! 

And I am grateful that my wiggly bunch survived the car trip! 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Cinderella, Cinderella, Night and Day it's Cinderella

Cordelia's favorite princess is Cinderella- and it has been since day one, or rather since September 27th 2011 when she watched the movie for the first time.  

Her second Halloween was spent dresses as the blond haired, happy singing princess, and that costume was worn over and over and over again. 

To be honest, Cinderella isn't one of my top princesses, I love Ariel for spunk, Belle for her smarts, and now Rapunzel for her quirky spirit. But Cinderella does have her merits, especially with  her new mantra of "have courage, and be kind" , and I could really use her sewing mice.  

So when Cordelia was invited to go to Disney on Ice I figured she was long overdue for a new Cinderella dress (she has grown out of every dress up dress she owned!). It's taken me several months to get decent photos of this gown, but it has gotten a lot of wear since it was made- and the hem sure does show it! 

For the bodice of the dress I used the Alice pleated dress from Bella Sunshine Designs, I love the little contrast cap sleeve and figured it added a modern update to Cinderella's tiny puff sleeve. 

The skirt is a wide aline skirt, slightly gathered up at the waist. I used a light blue polyester fabric that has been in my stash for ages and covered it in a layer of shimmering dark blue tulle. Underneath is another layer of the light blue polyester and that layer has yards and yards of white net sewn as a ruffle on the bottom of it to help it stand out at the bottom. 

I wish I had taken pictures of how I made the flounce, but I honestly don't remember- but I am happier with how this flounce turned out than I was with the first Cinderella dress I made. 

One of the things I love the most about Cordelia is how she truly loves her princess dress, and make up, and stealing my pretty necklaces...but she is equally as obsessed with the tadpoles living in the fountain outside our apartment. 

Hopefully she won't try to kiss them when they turn into frogs.

It sure can be messy to fave a tadpole catching princess, but I guess this is why everything is washable, right? 

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Home Sweet New Home

Hey guys, guess what? I have the best news- this beautiful fountain is in my new back yard!  

Well it's in the yard surrounding our new apartment- and we are thrilled to finally be moved into our new home! 

Be prepared for more pictures, and some super cool backdrops in my sewing posts, but right now I just wanted to pop in and thank you all for your kind words, and your offers to help.  

I have felt so amazed by how many people have expressed their concerns and offered to help.  

I also have to take a moment to apologize to everyone who I didn't manage to respond to. I think I was so overwhelmed by our situation that I was just moving through the motions and I was having a hard time communicating with anyone. 

I also have to thank my dear family who took us (and our obnoxious cats) in and really saved our behinds. I always knew that my mother and sister's would always be there for me if I needed it, and this situation really put them to the test and I am beyond grateful for them. 

Now I am back to addressing change of address cards and unpacking boxes! 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Seven Months

Welcome to seven months...well seven months and almost three weeks, but hey we win some and we loose some. 

It's funny because when I posted on her seven month birthday on instagram I said she was teething, but I didn't think any teeth were close to coming through. Well I was wrong and by the time I took these pictures she had two and a third almost cut. 

Shows just how much I can predict when it comes to kids! Cordelia's first tooth cut though at 10 months, and it was a slow process to get all of the baby teeth in, I wonder if Adeline's will keep moving in this fast. It's funny how different kids are from each other. 

Adeline you weigh 21 pounds! You are such a strong little girl, and you have the fastest army crawl of any baby I have ever met. We have to keep a very vigilant eye on you because you  move so fast and you find the tiniest things to stick in your mouth.  

I love watching you explore things- it makes you much more interested in toys which makes it easier for your sister to "play" with you, although she does tend to yell at you and say you are wrecking the toys. 

All you want to do these days is stand- and you are getting close to  being able to pull yourself up, I suspect you will be able to next month. You have such good strong legs which is very helpful to the cause. 

Nothing makes you quite as happy as cats, luckily we have enough for you to play with. 

Cordelia says her favorite thing about you is that you are  ticklish on your belly when she blows on it. You are also ticklish on the bottom of your feet. 

The seventh month of your life was a rough one for our family, but as always you remained our cheerleader. Always happy, always smiling. Still not sleeping through the night, but maybe we will get there one day. 

We love you Smush, and we are soo soo lucky to have you.